Burl Heart Donation
Robert Wazelle recently donated one of his burl hearts to the American Heart Association.

Robert Wazelle's Earth Art

  My Earth Walk

   My life took an amazing turn two years ago at a free community concert, as I was being given a life reading by a local healer. She told me that it was time for me to teach. As I walked away I asked myself, ‘teach what?’

     A little further in the day I was told about a pow wow the next weekend and that I should go. The biggest one in the area.

     So a week later there I was walking around the pow wow after the feast, giving crystals to the kids I met. During a break I wandered down to the river and was just watching the water flow, when a lady approaches and points at the log next to me, ‘May I?’ she asks, I nod and she sits beside me.

     Then she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I was told that I was to tell you that you are supposed to be teaching.’ She seemed rather adamant. Then, she gets up and walks away.

     And now, it’s two years later, and life moves forward and now it has taken its own time to happen, it is the catalyst, the momentum. After 10 years of living off the grid I finally brought in power to the property to give me more resources to create. I have people coming in to work with me.

     And my vision since 1994, to facilitate a global educational earth movement for our world’s youth is manifesting. This project is now becoming a reality as you read this, with the help of an amazing individual.

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